~Tortes (Cakes)~

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Maple Bacon– Layers of cake made with real maple syrup and iced with
maple butter crème and sprinkled with home-grown bacon.
Hummingbird– Layers of pineapple banana cake and crème cheese icing.
Pina Colada– Layers of coconut cake filled with a pineapple rum filling
and white mousse. Topped with toasted coconut.
Burnt Sugar– Layers of burnt sugar cake filled and
iced with burnt sugar butter crème.
Walnut Tweed– Layers of toasted walnut cake, raspberry marmalade
and a light cream cheese icing.
Carrot– Layers of carrot cake made with or without walnuts,
filled and iced with cream cheese icing.

Bailey’s Irish Cream– Layers of chocolate cake, Bailey’s mousse and truffle crème.
Caramel Macchiato – Layers of chocolate cake with coffee mousse and caramel.
A Nutter– Layers of chocolate cake and peanut butter butter crème.
Chocolate Mousse– Layers of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse.
Tuxedo– Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate truffle crème
and white chocolate mousse.
Turtle– Layers of chocolate cake, caramel, pecans
and chocolate truffle crème.
German Chocolate– Layers of chocolate cake filled with German
chocolate icing and chocolate mousse.

Berry Chantilly– White cake layered with fresh raspberries or
strawberries and white chocolate mousse.
Lightly Lemon– Layers of white cake, French lemon curd and
white chocolate mousse.
Lady A– Layers of amaretto cake and white almond mousse.
Farm House Classics– Layers of white cake and chocolate butter
crème or chocolate cake and white butter creme, with rainbow sprinkles.

7 inch cake serves 8-12 $25
10 inch cake serves 16-22  $40-


Our cookies are big enough to share but so good you won’t want to!
$18 per dozen


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Our home baked breads are made with a combination of whole wheat that has been
grown and ground here on the farm and some all-purpose flour if the recipe requires.

The Farm Special
This is as close to the field as you can get! Made with 100% whole wheat flour that is
ground fresh for each batch and honey from our hive on the hill.
$6 per loaf

Farmhouse Milk Bread
This is the recipe that my mom taught me growing up. It’s a soft white bread.  I changed the sugar to our honey and the water to milk over the years.
$6 per loaf

Einkorn and Honey
Made with our farm honey and fresh milled Einkorn wheat. The Einkorn grain is an
ancient grain that boasts many health benefits.

French Sourdough
A crusty bread with a chewy crumb.
$6 per loaf

Cranberry Wild Rice Bread 
A Minnesota favorite, locally grown wild rice,
whole grain wheat flour, dried cranberries and a hint of orange.
$8 per loaf

Potato Bread
This is a dense yet soft bread that we love with stew or just buttered.
$6 per loaf

A braided butter and egg bread that is great with a meal
or made into French toast!
$6 per loaf

Bird Seed Bread 
This has been a bakery favorite for years! Made with whole grains, sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, chia seeds.
$8 per loaf

Cinnamon Oat Bread
A wheat bread with cinnamon and cooked oats. I love it as buttered toast- all the flavor without the sweet.
$6 per loaf

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto
Dried fresh from the vine in the fall, we preserve tomatoes, and make small batches of tomato herb pesto that is swirled into our organic sourdough.
$8 per loaf

Sprouted Wheat
Organic sourdough studded with organic sprouted wheat berries.
$8 per loaf

Parmesan Herb
Italian herbs, shredded parmesan in sourdough bread.
$6 per loaf

Caramelized Onion & Dill
Sweet yellow onions caramelized and mixed with dill sourdough.

Kalamata Olive & Rosemary
Chopped kalamata olives, fresh rosemary throughout,
$8 per loaf

Roasted Garlic 
Locally grown garlic, roasted and kneaded into our sourdough.

Jalapeno Cheddar
Fresh grated cheddar mixed with fresh jalapenos makes for a delicious combination.

Whole Wheat Sourdough
For those who like a darker bread but still love sourdough, this one is perfect! Organic whole wheat flour, salt, water and time.

Made from scratch flaky croissants.
Try them plain, as a sandwich or with your favorite spread.
$2 each


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Assorted breakfast pastries
This is a chefs choice variety of our pastries made with Danish or croissant dough, scones, and muffins.
$24 per dozen

Our scones are the best! We make them in a variety of flavors:
Raspberry White Chocolate, Blueberry, Maple Oat, Spiced Peach, Chocolate Chip, Apple Cinnamon, Bacon Cheddar and more!
$2 each (minimum of 6 per flavor)

 Chocolate Croissant
Flaky, buttery, homemade croissant dough filled with chocolate.
$3 each

Jumbo muffins made fresh to order in a variety of flavors.
$2 each


Honey Almond Granola
Made with our fresh from the comb honey, oats and almonds.
This is the perfect addition to any yogurt!
$12 per bag

Cinnamon Sweet Roll
Loaded with cinnamon and white chocolate, this granola clusters well and makes for a great snack alone.
$12 per bag

Cranberry Orange Pecan
Dried cranberries, orange juice and zest with chopped pecans.
$12 per bag

Cherry Pumpkin Pecan
Pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and chopped pecans.


Our quiche is made from scratch with a butter crumb crust,
filled with your flavor choice and topped
with a savory egg and cream custard.
Each quiche is baked fresh to order, and froze for delivery.
Serves 8

Ham & Cheddar
It’s a classic that needs no introduction. It’s filled with ham and cheddar.
Spinach & Mushroom
Fresh spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and Swiss cheese.

Red Pepper & Spinach
Roasted red bell peppers, chevre (soft goat cheese) and fresh spinach.

3 Little Pigs
Bacon, ham and sausage with cheddar cheese.

~To Order~

To place your order please contact Anna
at 218-766-0696 or

**A seven day notice is required for all orders.
**Orders serving over 50 people are requested to give a one month notice.
**Orders with a shorter notice will be accommodated if possible.
** Scones and mini tartes must be ordered with a minimum of 6 per flavor.
**These products are made in a home kitchen that uses possible allergens such as, but not limited to:
dairy, eggs, nuts, fish, and gluten containing grains.
This kitchen is not subject to state inspection.
**In the event I run out of our wheat, I source whole berries from another farm that
uses the same farming practices as we do.

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