Life on the Farm


Ever wonder what it’s like to live on a small farm? Raising animals, growing your own food, baking with homegrown grains, selling at a farmers market, all while raising a family? Here’s the how you can find out and the best part is you don’t have to get your boots dirty.

Join us on our farm journey! You will laugh as we learn things like electric fences can knock you out or what happens when the cows get out and so much more!

You do not want to miss out on the special recipes, stories and extras that come in my farm email!

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Challah to the Best French Toast Recipe

Challah! (pronounced “ha-la”) Get it? Challah to the Best… yeah ok, still lame, but the bread is good!

This braided butter and egg bread makes the best French toast.

I like to make my challah a few days prior to the day I plan to serve French toast. I love bread fresh from the oven, this one is no exception unless it’s for French toast. All toast really, I like those breads a day or two old.

Traditionally this bread is braided and left as a free-form loaf, meaning it’s not baked in a bread pan but rather just on a baking stone or sheet pan. The last time I made this I braided it as usual but then I put the braid in bread pans. The result was a lovely high rising braided loaf that made some pretty impressive French toast.

The challah recipe is below. Here’s what I do for French toast:

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The Cow Came Home

“Dad! Come up here! There’s a monster outside!” –Little boy

“What? Come down here.” -Mike

(little feet stomping down the stairs)

“Come ‘ere. Look! There’s a cow out there!”-Little boy

“Anna! Anna!” I was vacuuming in the laundry room. It took a while for Mike to get my attention.


“Come see this.”-Mike

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Wheat Harvest

Dream big or sit on the front porch…or… Dream big, grab your hoe and rolling pin and make things happen!

I love that the eggs in our kitchen came from our coop, the raspberries in my scones came from our berry patch, the honey from our hive, the wheat from our field and ground to flour in our kitchen and if I were ever not pregnant when it came time to start milking Lucy and Sweet Caroline there’s potential for fresh dairy products from the barn. That’s just the bakery side of the farm. To say that we are blessed is an amazing understatement, to say we are thankful is the same.

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Another One Bites the Dust

Louise “Wheezy”

Wheezy and I never really got along but we had an understanding. I was the boss and she would get feed and fresh water if she left me alone. She didn’t have this agreement with the rest of the herd though. She was pretty sure that one day she would be queen if she kept running the others out of the feeder or out of her way in general.

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