CSA Member Handbook

WildFlower Farm’s CSA Member Handbook
Simply grown.

We, at WildFlower Farm, have a passion for good food. Growing our own is the best way to ensure we know what we are eating and have a great variety. Not everyone has the passion, time, or space to raise their own produce or grains and that’s where would love to help. Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is growing grains to fill your need.
This handbook will hopefully answer any questions you have and be a tool for greater communication between the farmer and shareholder.

Meet the Farm and Farmers 
WildFlower Farm is located just north of Bemidji, MN in Puposky; a tiny town with a part-time post office and a church. The farmstead itself was established in 1920 as the dairy farm for the Lake Julia Tuberculosis Sanatorium that has long since closed.  In 2013 we started WildFlower Farm, with a vegetable garden, a flock of chickens and a “herd” of two Irish Dexter Cows. Since then we have continued to grow little by little.

Anna Lauer
This mama seems to have a passion for just about everything from chasing her children to dancing in the barn. She loves to be in the kitchen, be it baking or cooking up the latest harvest. You can also find her in the barn doing chores and tending the garden throughout the day. In the evenings, there is a quiet hobby that changes with the seasons; knitting, writing, and leather work to name a few. A great deal of the joys on the farm can be found on her website and blog http://wildflowerfarm.org.

Mike Lauer
Mike is a hard-working, loving husband is always busy with the newest project Anna has thought up while still trying to get his own list done. He loves to fish but doesn’t get to go nearly as often as he would like. He can talk about anything sports related, politics and tractors without skipping a beat. Don’t let him kid you, he is loving to farm just as much as Anna, even though he’s not always quick to admit it.

Field Note
We plant multiple types of wheat, all are non-GMO heritage seed. Some varieties are grown for the current season’s customer, some varieties are grown from a very small amount of seed that will be ready for future seasons. As the new varieties are available for sale we will have the information available.

Who’s Responsible? 
As your farmer, we will do our very best to ensure you the highest quality of grain for you.

As the CSA member, you are responsible for picking up your share at the designated place and time. If you will not be able to pick up your share, it is your responsibility to find someone to pick it up for you or arrange a different pick up time/date. Please know that a different pick up time/date may not always be possible but we will do our best to work with you. We will need to know one day in advance if you will not be able to make the pick up.

A Season of Planting
Our CSA season starts mid-May with planting and finishes mid to late August. As we have all experienced in Northern Minnesota the weather can be unpredictable to say the very least. As a CSA member you share in the risk that nature can have on a crop. Some things are out of control of the farmer’s such as and not limited to: extreme heat/cold, storms bringing severe winds and hail, severe drought or drowning rain. We will do the best we can to protect from these happenings but in the end God is in control and we can only do so much. 

We farm in an old fashion way, though it could be considered organic we are not certified. Our fertilizer is made by our cows, chickens and a compost heap. We practice a small crop rotation schedule to fend off pests and plant disease as much as possible. If added pest control measures are needed, chickens or ducks may be sent to eat the bugs depending on where we are in the growing season.

We invite you to our farm  to pick up your grains at the end of the growing season. You can connect with other members and see just where your flour is coming from. It’s a great way to close the gap between the farm and fork. We will also have a very limited number of Saturdays that we will be delivering to Bemidji, Park Rapids and Grand Forks.

Day, Time, Location: To be announced…

In the Know: We are located about 20 minutes north of Bemidji. Please allow yourself about 15 minutes upon arrival to collect your share and say hello. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the harvest and the farm. Bring the family; this is a great way to teach children (and adults) about food.

Other “extra’s” may be available at this time- squash, pumpkins, straw bales, baked goods, honey or eggs (our hens permitting).

Successfully Using Your Share
On our website, Anna posts recipes, tricks and tips for using each grain variety.

If there is something you can’t use, maybe a friend would like to give it a try. Friends are also a great if you are looking to split a share, in the event you don’t need as much as you thought. 😉 Please ask questions! If we don’t know the answer we will find it for you! We love to learn!

Contact Us:
WildFlower Farm
Mike and Anna Lauer
218-766-0696 (Anna)

Email is the best way to communicate with us, they are answered every morning.