Our Wheat Story

I am so excited to share this farm adventure with you!
It started years ago but my first mill was acquired in 2008 and things kind of snowballed from there.
Here is my list of links to the posts that tell the story of whole wheat growing, grinding and baking on our farm to date.

Click Here to Listen to The Radio Interview

Click Here to Read about the Farm in the Minnkota Messenger

The smoking of my first flour mill
You’re Not Supposed to Swear on Sunday

My loving husband’s gift of a new mill
Let the Baking Begin

So it’s been a while since I drove a tractor. My not so near death experience
Clutch or No?

I really thought I could let the baking go and start to be a farmer
My Straw-Chef Hat

Our farming is a family endeavor
Family Wheat Planting

The long anticipated wheat harvest
Wheat Harvest

*The reason you want in on this bread*
Why I Love Homegrown Home-ground Wheat

 WildFlower Farm’s Landrace Grains
Another Season Closer

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