Grow Your Grain and Bake Them Too

Fresh baking and berries from the farm

“Know your food, know your farmers and know your kitchen.” It’s a quote from Joel Salatin that has been floating around social media for a while now. I do agree with it but what about know your baker? You probably should; especially when your baker is a farmer too! How handy is that?! Grown your grain and bake them too… or something like that.

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Life on the Farm


Ever wonder what it’s like to live on a small farm? Raising animals, growing your own food, baking with homegrown grains, selling at a farmers market, all while raising a family? Here’s the how you can find out and the best part is you don’t have to get your boots dirty.

Join us on our farm journey! You will laugh as we learn things like electric fences can knock you out or what happens when the cows get out and so much more!

You do not want to miss out on the special recipes, stories and extras that come in my farm email!

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Rudy- Beef or Bull?

“Hey! Check your phone!” It was Mike calling me at work.

“Wait…What?! Is that Wheez..Lu..Mar.. no Lucy’s?!” I couldn’t get my words out but through my stammering Mike was able to translate.

“Yes! Lucy had a calf not too long ago. She’s still cleaning it off.”

“Well shoot. I didn’t think she was due for a couple months yet.”

Once again surprised by a calf. Lucy is great for calving, knock-on-wood, she hasn’t needed help with any so far. Each one she gets up and eating right away. She’s a good cow.

No wonder she looked so crabby this morning!

When I got home I headed right for the barn rather than the house. The cows were spread about the corral. Lucy was standing next to the feeder outside. I didn’t see a calf anywhere. It’s not unusual for our calves to get out at least twice within their first week. But not usually within the first few hours and when Lucy’s calves are out she’s call’n. I walk up to the fence next to her and looked around. It was then that the hay in the feeder moved. The little guy was balled up in there and she had him covered to keep him warm.

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Challah to the Best French Toast Recipe

Challah! (pronounced “ha-la”) Get it? Challah to the Best… yeah ok, still lame, but the bread is good!

This braided butter and egg bread makes the best French toast.

I like to make my challah a few days prior to the day I plan to serve French toast. I love bread fresh from the oven, this one is no exception unless it’s for French toast. All toast really, I like those breads a day or two old.

Traditionally this bread is braided and left as a free-form loaf, meaning it’s not baked in a bread pan but rather just on a baking stone or sheet pan. The last time I made this I braided it as usual but then I put the braid in bread pans. The result was a lovely high rising braided loaf that made some pretty impressive French toast.

The challah recipe is below. Here’s what I do for French toast:

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Corned Beef and Roasted Cabbage

It’s that time of year where our meals start looking boringly familiar; meat, and cellar vegetables, you know potatoes, carrots, squash, cabbage and some rice…or tacos. This is usually when I try to mix things up a bit and start slathering the vegetables in bacon fat and olive oil and roasting them. It’s a nice change. Who doesn’t love anything cooked in bacon fat?!

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