I Was Going To…

They say women get what is referred to as “Pregnancy Brain” when pregnant and it gets worse the farther into the pregnancy they get. “Bologna” was my thought to this. I am usually one that has my act together. I have my lists all organized, any paperwork is done timely and filed as needed, the house work and chores are done and everything runs pretty smoothly.

I think I need to retract my “Bologna”. Now my lists are a jumble, assuming I remembered to write one and know where it is. List’s most certainly help. If I can remember to keep my list from the day before I can “copy and paste” in a sense: Breakfast, Laundry, Dust, etc..

My phone, who knows where that is these days; some days it’s on the counter, other days I will find it tomorrow (if I notice it’s missing). “What’s for supper?” has been answered with a blank stare and then “pancakes?” more often than not lately. Chores, yeah, it’s a good thing I’m not in charge of that right now. I turned the kitchen upside down last Sunday looking for my favorite stone pie plate. I never freeze anything in it because it’s my favorite and I use it a lot. Even my husband joined the search. I finally gave up still a little worried about it. It was found, froze with the chicken pot pie I had put together a few days prior. The list goes on…

Some speculation is that this happens because the mother-to-be is consumed with thoughts of what needs to be done or gotten before baby arrives. Some say it’s due to hormones or something. I don’t know which it is, but I don’t think it is the “baby thought” theory. Everything we need, we have, at least the basics to get us through the first bit or so. As far as I can tell there is nothing going on up there right now. I think I could shake my head and loose a few more marbles if there are any left to loose.

Last night my husband was reading something about what guys should know about pregnancy. Of the few I remember, she will move much slower than usual, it takes a lot for her to do simple tasks and she will forget everything, even the simplest most routine things- gone. I don’t remember where I was going with this (not kidding, lost it).

I’m just going to sit here for a bit and plug my ears; try to keep in anything that might be left.

To be continued…?

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Tales of the Pregnant Farmer- The Passing of the Pitch Fork

Pitch forkWell, it’s official. I have taken a temporary “leave of absence” from barn chores. My hard working husband now has to work even harder for a little while. It has been a little over a week now. He is doing a great job; not that there was any doubt. I did the chores as long as I could but with only a couple weeks left it was time.

The other day he cleaned the barn out really good. When he was done he came to the house to have me come out and see. It was so nice outside! He let me put the fresh straw down for the cows. That was nice. I got to feel like I helped a little, even if it is a job that our little boy could handle.

We took a walk out in the corral and checked out the herd; all three of them. Everyone is doing well there.

Mike cleaned the chicken coop too. The girls are all looking good and happy too. They were lined up for a dust bath outside.

Now we are just waiting…

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The Day of (the) Rest

On the Seventh day you are to rest. It is a day of worship and family time. This is what the bible says and what the church teaches. For some reason I always add “the” before “rest”. Sunday has turned into a day of early church, then pick up any groceries or farm supplies and then home.

Once at home I begin my day of (the) rest. The rest of the laundry, the rest of the cleaning, the rest of the “to do” list from the week prior; usually consisting of cleaning the chicken coop, a deep clean of the cow barn, and various outside projects that are long over-due, and finish (or begin) the weeks baking and then some.

It is not at all what I ever envision for my Sunday. I love to think that Sunday, we will go to church and spend the day doing something fun, such as fishing or having a picnic or maybe taking a long nap. Instead my “Seventh day” comes every few months, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday, when I get the animal chores done and the little boy fed and that’s it for the day. We spend the majority of the day reading stories or playing trucks on the floor. No dishes get done, or laundry, or cleaning, or “real” meals made. I just hit a wall and crash for a day.

Years ago when I had the bakery, I learned very quickly not to bake on Sunday. Whatever was made on a Sunday never, ever, turned out. Too hard, too soft, too dry, too burnt. Nothing. Even now, getting baking, other than that for brunch, to turn out well is iffy at best; not that I don’t still attempt it. It’s nice to start the week with sandwich bread on hand and some sort of breakfast baked good too.

Some how I need to find the self discipline to just not do anything on Sunday. I have yet to figure out why “just stopping” is so hard. It’s the same when family comes to stay though too. After the little boy was born, my parents came and stayed with us for a week. They had planned to just help out around the house, make meals and let me get some rest. It worked… kinda. I was very grateful that they made the trip and were so willing to help, but I couldn’t just sit and let them do the all cooking, cleaning and laundry. I still tried to get in there and do my share. There is no taking a nap when company comes, even if that’s the sole reason they are there, to watch the baby so I can sleep without worry.

Last summer my husband and I put the little boy to bed and decided to have a beer on the  deck. It was a beautiful night to sit and look out onto the lake. We got the “fancy” lawn chairs out, grabbed the baby monitor and a beer. We just sat, looking out over the lake. It was such a relaxing 20 minutes. Then I went and got the ladder and he got the chain saw and we began trimming trees and hauling limbs to the fire pit. That was how we spent our nice relaxing evening.

Yesterday was another below zero day, but the sun was shining. My parents and brother came over and spent most of the helping us haul firewood from the barn to the basement. We were so thankful for the help. Again, it was Sunday, the day we should have been just enjoying family time not working like crazy to get more done for the week.

The plan is some day I will have all my “to do” lists done and I can then just sit and relax… and probably tip over.

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Winter Chores

Chores http://wildflowerfarm.org

I think I almost prefer chores in the winter to the summer. The cow pies are frozen, making them much easier to pick up and put on the pile and they don’t smell nearly as bad. There is more barn clean up in general, due to hay and straw and the cows spending the majority of their time in there. But that’s ok. I take comfort in knowing they are indoors; the door is open for them to go out, they just find the barn cozy I guess.

Cleaning the chicken coop is a little more challenging in the winter but it’s not that bad when you figure I only have the smaller side to clean. Our rowdy birds don’t care if your shoveling shavings out from under them or not. They are going to stand where they want, when they want and that’s that. Feisty little things.

I will say bringing everyone water is much easier in the summer. For the most part it’s just a matter of turning on the hose. The winter on the other hand, is a little more work. I fill at least three 5-gallon buckets in the kitchen sink, load them into a sled and pull them to the sock tank in the barn for the cows. Every other day the chickens get bucket number four and every couple days it seems like I am making a second trip with another three buckets to the cows. ( I like to make sure everything is topped off.)

I can also stumble my way out to the barn in my pajamas without the neighbors noticing. Coveralls are a wonderful thing and it’s dark in the morning. In the summer (spring and fall too) it’s much more obvious; pink poke-a-dot mud boots and a bathrobe. Yes, it’s true, most day’s I wear my pajamas to the barn. Not because I’m lazy, but I like to do my chores early 5-6 am., but that doesn’t mean I’m ready for the day. Coffee is had after chores, not before. From what I’ve heard, the animals don’t mind if I shower after I see them rather than before either.

I have  also discovered I can not use the boot dryer on my barn boots. As much as I would like to head out to the barn in the early morning hours in a extra warm pair of boots, it’s not worth the welcoming scent of cow shit when you take your first few steps in the door.

“Yes, please come for Sunday brunch. Don’t mind the “barn” scent when you come in. Just hang your coats there, above the boots on the dryer.”

Nothing says “welcome” like cow shit. Not that the remnants of chicken poop and bedding are any better. The combination of the two is really something!

I admit I do take a little pride in doing the chores every day. Not only do I just plain enjoy being out in there, I enjoy the work and the satisfaction when it’s done. I think  Mike is glad I like to do chores too. He doesn’t seem to get as excited about them as I do.


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Tales of the Pregnant Farmer- Preface

Yes, pregnant. 31 weeks now. We never made a “real” announcement; if it happened to come up in conversation it was mentioned otherwise not. Not that we are not excited, but it’s another part of life and so it goes. For the most part I keep my complaining to myself. Really, who want to hear someone wine and complain for nine months about things that really can’t be fixed before then?

One Sunday (before Elvis was born) after church we were talking about how Lucy “gets after” Wheezy with her horns to get the first of that mornings hay or grain treat. My husband said “it must be the pregnancy hormones… I know how she (Wheezy) feels. I eat my meals upstairs.” (upstairs at our house is two bedrooms and a bathroom) This got a good laugh out of everyone.

I think he was kidding…

I know he was kidding. His story changes too, last time he said he ate in the basement (which is storage/root cellar/wood furnace). But I didn’t think I was “Lucy crabby”. Geez.


Anyway just because I am pregnant doesn’t mean anything stops or slows down around here. The cows still need water and hay, as well as the dogs, cat and chickens. Well, not everyone eats hay but they all want to be fed and to get some attention. Oh yeah, there’s the little boy and my husband too. Some how everything gets done by the end of the day. As much as I’d like to just sit (or take a nap) there’s no time for such nonsense. It just takes me a little longer to get from here to there and at times, I’m sure it’s been quite a show along the way (like me carrying a calf across the summer pasture to the corral gate).

I will share a couple stories in the near future…


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