For the Love of Winter

The forecast predicted about six inches of snowfall over night. I don’t know how much we really got as it was “falling” horizontally this morning. Shortly after five I shoveled my way from the house to the barn. Everyone was fed inside the barn this morning instead of in their outside feeders. With the weather how it was I’m pretty sure the animals would have skipped breakfast if they had to go outside to get it anyway. The angry chicken (story here) had tucked herself into the goat house in the barn. Even the ducks were in this morning. That’s when you know the weather is bad; they don’t come in for anything but water usually.

On my way back to the house I decided it would be in my best interest to brave with elements for a while longer and dig out the vehicles we were going to need for the day. By the time I was done my hands were froze in my gloves. Probably because my gloves were ice due to the winter-cow-water-hose-thaw-procedure I use. (Stick the hose end in the stock tank to thaw, then quickly screw the hose onto the faucet until it freezes again. Turn on the water. Once water is spraying from the hose/faucet, continue to screw on the hose until spraying and dripping has stopped.- leaving me with a wet glove every time.) I shoveled through and we were free of hard snow drifts by the time I went in.

Mike left for work without a problem and my morning went as usual- feed the baby, feed the kids, clothes, clean, dishes, and so on. I shoveled once more and we were ready to go.

Well, the love I had for our old van that unrepairably died, has transferred to our “new” used van. (Van love found here.) Fifty miles an hour in reverse and we were going nowhere. I tried for a few minutes, got out a shoveled again. Tried again. Then called Mike. It took everything I had to not just start talking sailor gibberish when he answered. I don’t know what I said but he understood and told me to use the floor-dry in the garage for traction.

Through the blowing snow and drifts I stomped to the garage and grabbed the whole bucket of floor-dry and went grumbling back, “For the love of winter this better work! My phone just died and I’m going to be late for work.” I laid a heavy sprinkling of the stuff on the path I wanted to take and found the keys locked in the van. Of course! Why not?! It took some convincing through the back window to get the little boy to unbuckle and climb up front and open my door. He knows the rules and wasn’t too quick to break one.

Then followed a lot of spinning in reverse and dumping of floor-dry to try and get some grip. At one point the little boy piped up from the back seat “I’ll help push mama!” What a thoughtful little fellow. Had I been thinking I could have him drive in reverse while I pushed I s’pose.

A bucket of floor-dry and twenty infuriating minutes later I was flying down the driveway in hopes to not get stuck in another heavy drift.

One more episode like this and I’m trading the damn thing in for a snowmobile and a sled!

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It’s Only Powder

Most mom’s I’ve talked to love their mini-vans. That’s…um…no. I don’t love our van. I appreciate that it holds the number of car seats and baby carriers that our family needs, it’s clean (as much as it can be with kids), I don’t have to do car-seat-yoga to get everyone in and buckled and it has been reliable. I get it… we need it at this point. That doesn’t mean I love it or even like it that much.

Mike went in to work about 2 am to start plowing. I was out to the barn shortly after 5, taking care of my chores and checking the snow to see what I was up against for drifts that morning. Not too bad, looked like a lot of powder. Nothing to be concerned about, so when Mike called and said he wasn’t going to make it home for breakfast as planned I wasn’t too worried that we weren’t going to be plowed out before I had to go to work.

After breakfast, putting in the pigtails that were insisted upon, brushing teeth and getting everyone bundled up for the cold we were out the door. Everyone was soon buckled in their assigned car seats and we were off. Hahaha. No. We were not off. We were spinning at 25 mph in reverse, going nowhere fast. With a little rocking I was able to back up enough to see there was no good reason for me to be not going anywhere.

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