The Hard Way

“You always gotta learn the hard way, don’t ya?” I heard that a lot growing up, and yes sometimes taking a different path would have been the smarter way to go about things. As I get older, I now find myself preferring to do most things “the hard way”.
Really though, what is the hard way? The road less traveled? The one with the big “I hope you learned your lesson!” to follow? The less convenient? Or could it be the way that leaves you feeling accomplished, a job well done?
All of the above at some point, but mostly I find it slower, simple, rewarding, and thoughtful.
Tasked that used to be part of everyday life on the farm (or in the city) years ago, are now found to be too much work and take up too much time. Not to mention a lost art. This fast paced so called progress and need for convenience have left most lazy and unable to sustain themselves.
A few weeks ago I took a Saturday afternoon and made a batch of duck fat soap (yes, soap made of duck fat). I could have gone to the grocery and bought a whole package of soap in a few minutes. But where’s the satisfaction in that?
I’ve been making my own laundry soap for quite some time now. Again I could conveniently grab a box at the store and be done with it, or I could grab my pale and take a few minutes to stir up my own. Not to mention how much cheaper it is to make it myself! Everything still comes out all clean and fresh.
Laundry Detergent
4lb 12oz box Borax
3lb 7 oz box Arm&Hammer Super Washing Soda
4 lb Baking Soda
I have seen where people have grated 2 bars of soap (homemade, Ivory, Zote or Fels Naptha) and mixed that in as well. I don’t because I found it left too much residue.
A heck of a lot of detergent for a few bucks! It only takes 3 tbsp per load!

I’m not saying all conveniences should be gone and we need to live like Little House on the Prairie (personally I would love it) but there are a million conveniences that are taken for granted.

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