Pounding Posts

We have already accomplished a fair amount this spring; cutting, splitting, hauling stacking firewood, moving the remaining wood pile, raking leaves, removing old fence posts and barbed wire just to name a little. All of which was done with the help of my brother and dad. Thank God for them! We have a few big jobs done for the year and a few more to do. The weather has not cooperated for use to burn one of the fields where the garden and orchard are going to be planted, so that is on hold.

The next big projects are putting up the new fence and I am going crazy looking at the yard! It looks so unkept and in need of a good cleaning. I started raking out the flower beds; I would like to know what they were thinking when they were putting those in. There are random rocks here and there, which could look nice if done differently. Rather than landscape fabric there is a variety of old rugs, soil bags and random plastic. There are trees growing in the middle of a couple that I’m sure looked nice when they were small, however now, they are much larger giving too much shade and robbing the smaller plants of moisture as well. The list goes on with these but I’m sure you get the picture. I have lots of work cut out for me there and I don’t plan to do anything but clean and maintain them this year. Next year will be flower bed overhaul.

The fence line is a big undertaking as well. With posts from the back of the barn and Grandma’s and a bunch my dad and brother found and some salvaged barbed wire off we went.

WildFlowerFarm.orgWell let me back up. First there was a lot of pacing off north to south for a straight line done by me, which I misunderstood the directions and had to be changed. That was a lot of walking but good exercise. The line was again straightened under the direction of my husband. Again more walking up and down the field. Don’t get me wrong I like to walk and appreciate the exercise, but still. The line was moved yet again under the direction of my father which was a good move too. We were all shooting for a straight fence line that would allow enough pasture for the cow and enough field for a winters worth of hay. Just when we thought we had it, we thought about snow. Where will the feet of snow be pushed when the driveway is plowed. Guess what the fence line was moved yet again, only a portion this time though.


Finally we had our lined together and a fencing we went. With the use of a friends ASV with an auger corner post holes were drilled and posts set. Then was all the in between posts. Each measure to the inch, set in a straight line and stood up perfectly level. Let me tell ya’, we are have the straightest fence line in the Midwest! The original plan was wood corner posts and metal in between posts. But with the scavenging skill of my dad we were able to use all wood posts. They will stand just as long if not longer than the metal posts and look so nice. So I guess a better title for this would have been “Setting Posts”.

After a few long days of drilling holes, dragging posts, setting posts, filling and tamping holes the posts were set. I have to admit one day I missed a fair amount of the work because I had to go to work and deliver a wedding cake (which turned out really nice by the way). Wildflowerfarm.org


The little boy was such a trooper through the whole thing, all bundled up in the stroller for most of the day. Hanging out, watching the work and napping.


Even with a few feet of post in the ground there was enough on top that each post had to be trimmed. Then for the wire.

Of course that wouldn’t be all the fencing that needs to be done. We still had the smaller corral and the garden to do too. But that was the same process (including all the line figuring) as the pasture fence.

To be continued…

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