Of Rocks and Friends

What farmer takes rocks out of the rock pile and puts them back in the yard? This one of course. As I talked briefly before, the flower beds are atrocious here. As best I can, I am trying to just clean them up and let them be for a year. This task in itself is much easier said than done. I have a touch of OCD when it comes to things around the farm especially yard and garden work. My farm OCD is coupled with farm ADHD which makes things really interesting sometimes.


As fast as my husband can plant trees, I’m pointing out ones I would like cut down. I told him we just planted a whole row of “trees”… He didn’t find it as amusing as I did. None the less we are compromising which will go and which will stay. The dead ones and the ones in the flower beds will go. The rest will stay (for now).

He cut the few trees out of the front flower bed for me. This led to me wanting everything cleaned out of it. My best friend, Noellynn, happened to come to visit that day and let me tell ya, they don’t get any better than her. We found out that everything growing in the bed was growing on top of the garden fabric, trees and all. We did manage to get everything pulled up and out of there. We were reminded we are not a strong or young as we used to be. There was no edging on the front of this bed, which compared to some others, it was for the better.

Me, with my OCD, needs edging, not the black plastic edging but something more decorative, like field rocks. Wouldn’t ya know there are rock piles all over the farm! We hooked up the little green trailer to the four-wheeler and loaded it up with rocks. Too many rocks to be exact. The four-wheeler wouldn’t budge. After a little unloading of rocks and my jumping/rocking the wheeler I got ‘er movin’. We got one load to the bed only to discover I had rolled the tire off the rim and the trailer was out of commission.

wildflowerfarm.orgThis is where you can tell how great of friends you have. Noellynn and I spent the rest of the afternoon hauling field rocks, by hand, from the pile to the garden. Not only did we edge the garden but we filled most of it in with rocks. I don’t have a ton of extra time at this season, with the little boy, the cow, the birds, the garden, haying, well you get the picture. We filled most of the bed in with rock, I have spread some wildflower seeds among them. The rocks will cut the weeding way back and when it’s time to do some serious work to the garden I won’t have to worry about saving the plants if I want to start over.

wildflowerfarm.orgOnce we had had enough of rock carrying we moved to the back yard to pull out the metal “t” posts and roll up the fencing. Holy cows, what a job! and what a mess! After that project it was time to shower and hit the bar! That was a good day!

The next day was Mother’s Day. I went to church with my mom and then went home to work. In hind sight that was probly a double sin; working on Mother’s Day and Sunday. I wanted to get as much done as possible before the boys got back to town and boy did I ever! Dad and my brother got the green trailer fixed for me and I raked and hauled 10 loads of leaves from the back yard alone! There are still more to take care of this weekend. I hauled the rest of the rocks to all the flower beds and got wildflowerfarm.orga couple more of those cleaned out. What a great weekend and a great start to yard clean up! I did however miss out on more fencing, which I should have been over helping them with that too.




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