How Highs The Water Mama?

wildflowerfarm.orgSix feet high and rise’n. Well six feet may be a little exaggerated but we’ve been fighting water in the basement again. Our last house had a water problem. During heaving summer storms the water would actually flow in the back door because the drain outside couldn’t keep up. The last time it happened I was home alone and 8 months pregnant bucketing water out of the stair well in the storm. My husband and friends were having a hell of a time getting the  boat off the river and dodging down trees trying to get home. That was a good storm! And by that time the carpet had been ruined and removed from the basement, so our efforts were protecting the drywall and furniture.

This houses water adventures began a few nights ago with the constant, heavy, soaking rain we have been getting. It’s been coming down for a few days and the water table is high. We’ve spent the last four days now sopping up water and cussing the sump pump for not kicking on. Luckily the basement here is poured concrete with no drywall or carpeting to worry about. Most everything stored down there is it rubber totes. None the less, water in the basement is a frustrating thing to say the least.

Part of the water this time around was unknowingly self-inflicted. We took down an arbor that had a gutter built into it. Not knowing that the amount of water produced by heavy, soaking rain would be enough to seep into the now known cracks in the corners on the south side of the house. Yay! I foresee another project in the future! Little did I know, gutters are a rather important feature.

Rather than getting supplies to build the new chicken coop (yes, the chicks are here and there’s no coop yet. There has just not been time.) the day was spent sopping water and putting up gutters. Perfect timing too. Shortly after the gutters were up the rain started again. Leaving us with much less water in the cracks and still an over flowing hole in the floor.

Nap time used to consist of me cleaning, doing paper work and other various tasks I can’t do when the little guy is up. Lately that routine has changed to washing towels and digging the hole in the basement deeper in hopes that the pump will begin to work as it should.

Now off to check my handy work and hoping we are close to the end of this indoor water feature.

On a happy note all the chicks survived the night!

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