Crunchy Towels and Stiff Blue Jeans

Ah one of the joys of country living is line-dried laundry. We had clothes lines in town too and I used it often. The younger neighbours gave funny looks when I did, I’m not sure if it was because I was using the line or if they didn’t know what it was for or maybe it was the apron and boots. Whatever the case they just didn’t seem to get it. The older neighbours seemed to enjoy seeing someone use the old line again.

I am quite surprised there isn’t one at the farm already. You can bet I will be installing one. For now some line between trees will work just as well. When the days are nice I hate the idea of using the dryer. It just doesn’t make sense. “Way back when” grandma said they hung the clothes out year round. In the winter they would freeze stiff and then be brought to thaw and drip dry by the wood stove. I don’t have the necessity or feel the need to go that far, however on nice winter days I will hang the blankets out to freshen them up a little.

Towels and blue jeans always seem extra crunchy off the line. I don’t mind it, though I’m not sure the rest of the family feels the same way. The midwife brought up a good point, line dried towels are a great for exfoliating.

The first nights sleep on sheets that have been washed and hung on the line to dry always seems like the best night of sleep. I don’t know if its the fresh sheets or the fact the it’s Saturday or Sunday night after a full weekend of long days working. Whatever the case, I like it.

There are a few down falls to drying laundry outside.
-The collection of pollen- during high pollen times of the season fresh sheets can be not so great with allergies.
– Wet dogs – when the dogs come back from falling in the slough or the lake (one of ours must fall because he doesn’t like to swim) and shake, of course they need to do it by the clothes line.
– Wind- This is both good; it dries things much faster, and bad; it can blow things off the line which may or may not end up needing re-washing.
-Bird shit- needs no explanation.

Even with the few minor mishaps, I would much rather use the clothes line.

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