My Favorite Quinoa Recipe

For those unfamiliar with quinoa (keen-wah) it is an ancient grain a little bigger than a mustard seed.  The plant looks like amaranth, another ancient grain. The seeds or grain must be harvested by hand. It has been getting a lot of press about the health benefits it has lately. For how much I like grains I thought I should give this one a try too.

I have had some very well prepared quinoa in burgers and salads in restaurants and at a potluck or two. How hard can it be? I work with a wide variety grains daily and have for years.

My research about this grain said it is best soaked and well rinsed or it can be bitter tasting. I heeded the warning, even though I don’t mind some bitter flavor. The recipes I had, I followed to a “T”.

The breakfast quinoa with dried cranberries and walnuts I thought would be great! I love oatmeal prepared like that.

Bitter and not good.

The quinoa bulgur salad. Yum I thought, I like salads with bulgur and barley why not quinoa?!

Bitter and not good.

Add it to a veggie bean burger I thought.

Bitter and ruined the rest of the burger.

I even tried different kinds of quinoa. After all this I was about to give up and then I came up with the perfect recipe!

Chicken Feed.

I put it in with the chicken feed. The meat will not taste bitter, nor the eggs. I will not feel as though I have wasted what is said to be such a wonderful grain! Problem solved!

And with that I don’t plan to try my hand at this grain again for a long while.

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