The Best of Friends

Wildflowerfarm.orgFor a long while, Wilma- the one winged chicken and Thomas Thanksgiving- the turkey, shared a room in the coop. They became the best of friends it seems. When I would go in to get them feed and water or clean the coop, Thomas would always stand in front of Wilma as if to protect her almost.

Wildflowerfarm.orgOne Friday night about a month ago, things got wild on the farm. Ok, not really. I brought my husband out to the chicken coop to hold the flashlight so I could sort the birds I wanted to keep for laying hens and the one to be left for butcher. It was an exciting night for the chickens at least. They were clucking and feathers were flying as they ran from one side of the coop to the other. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t have to be done in the dark but for the sake of Thomas and Wilma it did. They were residing in the room for the laying hens.

From what I have heard, if you are adding chickens to a flock it should be done in the dark. If they are added during the day the birds that were there first can kill the outsiders; in this case though, Thomas and Wilma would have been out numbered and I think they would have been the outsiders. If the birds are added in the dark, they all wake up in the morning and don’t notice anyone different. Hmm. I guess. That’s what we did and it worked.

Wildflowerfarm.orgI was curious to see what would become of the pair with addition of 30 birds, or so. In the beginning I had to look for Wilma, now she is pretty easy to pick out. Her and Thomas stay pretty close together yet. Even when they are out munching grass in the yard they are never too far away. He is very curious when you walk up to the run, he comes to the fence and checks you over pretty good before going on his way. If Wilma is near the fence when I walk up it is no time at all before Thomas is standing guard.

I’m glad to see those two are sticking close, even if they are a bit of an odd pair.

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