The Mailbox Flag

Last winter our mailbox was hit by the plow truck, a common, yet frustrating occurrence in the North. At least this time all it did was send the flag to who knows where… I have yet to hit it with the lawn mower. We did purchase a new box, but have yet to install it- 10 months later. This is my fault. I really wanted to paint it, put a nice picture on it or something. I haven’t gotten around to the task and don’t think that I will. Winter is here and the plow trucks will be out killing mailboxes again soon.

Over the past year, the Saturday mailman, Roger, and my husband have been jokingly, bickering about the “quality” of Saturday mail delivery. “Don’t tick off the mailman or you just might miss a letter or something.” But the one I heard most often was the issue of the missing flag. If we didn’t have incoming mail that day, the out going mail would sit until we did have mail to be delivered. No flag up, means no mailman stopping for out going mail.

“But what if we put a caramel roll or cookies in the mailbox for you?” My husband would ask. “Hmmm, maybe I will think about stopping to check the box. ” Roger would reply. (I don’t think he ever did though.)

After almost a year of having an “incomplete” mailbox, Mike made a flag for Roger. One that he was sure to not miss…from a mile away. One that the weekday mailman will question.

Mailbox Flag -



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