Fencing Again

“Hang on. Hang on.” Little boy was saying, with his arms outstretched standing behind me; his words for a piggy back ride. We were standing in the middle of the pasture and he was tired. Tired of walking and tired in general. A day of fencing in the sun with mama can wear a little boy out. We put up most of the barbed wire on the wood posts lining the perimeter earlier. Now it’s time to put in the steel posts to divide the pasture into five paddocks for rational grazing.

His snack in hand, I pulled him onto my back and on we went. Boy on back, post pounder in one hand and roll of bailer twine in the other. Packed up like a mule, up the hill we went. We paced the pasture, pounding corner posts (little boy had to stand for that. He “helped” hold the post.), then stringing the twine between them. This is a very important step for me when it comes to fencing for a few reasons. The first day I went out to set the steel posts I had a perfectly straight line of posts. When I had finished that run, I stood back to admire my work only to realize I angled it in the wrong direction. On the bright side the ground is still soft, so the posts are a little easier to pull.

As you saw last year when we were setting posts with my dad and brother it had to be precise. If dad came to visit and saw I put in rows of crooked posts I run the risk of driving him nuts and possibly trying to fix them. If he is going to come up here and work I’d rather him help with something that hasn’t already been done. No sense in doing something twice. Actually half those posts I have put in at least twice already. I tell yah…

Fencing in 2014

Over the next few days, I spent nap times putting in the posts and let the little boy “help” dig the sod out of the new flower bed. Even the little miss gets in on the fencing. I’d hate to leave someone out of the fun.

Lunch time for the little miss.

One more good day of work and this project will finally be done. Hopefully.


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