There was a challenge at work that had me trying to get as many steps during the day as I could (I was trying to win Twins tickets… I didn’t). I did drag the family on a few walks in my attempt, one of which we went to Erica Lane (our new parcel of land). Mike was trying to show me the property lines; otherwise known as my tilling/plowing/fencing limits.

It’s really a pretty piece of land with a little bit of everything- woods, field, slough and a creek. The deer paths have over grown with ox-eye daisies, one of my favorites. The old garden plots haven’t been worked in years by the looks of it. In fact the only reason I knew they were there at all was because of the weather worn wire hanging hap-hazardly from crooked old posts. The tall grass and weeds was no different than what is in the field. I marched through each plot to check things over, I’m not sure what I was looking for, in anything.

By this time the little boy had climbed out of the stroller and waded through the tall grass to an old swing set. The swings were long gone but the ladder to the fort was still in tact as well as the slide and that was all he needed. I was still searching for nothing as I tripped over a row of tomato cages and then a couple rows of make-shift cages out of sturdier garden fence. Then I found a diamond in the rough or a worn out hoe… same thing in my eyes.

Well I didn’t know what I was pulling out of the weeds at the time. I just saw an old handle and decided to pull. It was caked with soil, little trees and weeds were growing out of it keeping it well hidden. By the time I wrestled it out of the tangled mess I had quite the contraption! I had seen pictures of such things, but to be honest we had to look it up online to get an idea of just what I was dealing with.

A Row-hoe! A cultivator from one direction and a weeder from the other. Needless to say, Mike pushed the stroller home and I drug the new piece of equipment all the way home.


I was absolutely delighted with my find. I haven’t decided if I want to shine it up real pretty, give it a new coat of paint and a new handle or just leave it old and worn. The appearance won’t affect the quality of work that comes out of it, but it does make me look like I have been working hard and know what I’m doing.

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