We’re Farming! 

I’d say very rarely but I’m quite certain that this is the only time I have share a photo of us so unready for the day; my apologies. We were getting ready for a busy Saturday with a list longer than there would be time to complete. I had been putting off potting up my tomatoes for a week and it was well overdue.

I was waiting for my turn in the shower and decided that I would get the tomatoes done. No sense in wasting any time. The little boy wanted to help. He planted the seeds, kept them watered so why not let him help with the next step.

Our hands full of dirt, sitting in our pajamas on the kitchen floor we started potting. A couple pots, or red solo cups, into the project he gets this bright idea “Let’s put on our farmer hats! We’re farming!” With that he runs off to the play room leaving a trail of soil and reappears with hats.

We were almost done when Mike came around the corner and caught us farming in the kitchen.

“What are you doing?!”

“We have our farmer hats on… we’re farming.”

… and then he took a picture.

Thirty three tomatoes and a potting soil mess later we checked that off the to-do list for the day. The little miss got the flats ready for more basil.

That afternoon they both got to help with more farming when we planted the wheat field! Pretty sure the wheat field was the highlight of my day and the tomatoes theirs.

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