Tales of the Pregnant Farmer: My Ducks are Not in a Row!

Rebekah, one of our midwives, came last night and noticed there was an egg in the incubator that was starting to hatch. Leave it to a midwife to notice a birth! Ha! I was shocked at the piping. I have it marked on the calendar to stop turning the eggs in a week and then them to hatch a few days later. To say I had things mixed up would be an understatement.

Duck eggs take about 28 days to hatch. I put them in the incubator April 2nd and had marked them to hatch May 7th. Slightly off… Just slightly. To add to my confusion it was April 19th… so I thought when I looked at the calendar. Actually it was April 26th. I lost a whole week somewhere.

I swear I haven’t been drinking! I should seriously consider starting though, maybe that would straighten me out. Whew!

For now I will just blame it on being pregnant… again. We are going on four children in five years. I think it’s safe to say my mind hasn’t had a chance to recover. That’s the story that I’m going with at least.

Calendar dates and my loss of marbles aside the duck eggs are hatching! We are so excited! In fact the Little Boy was so excited he got up at 5:30 the next morning to sit on a stool by the incubator and eat his cheerios with the first duck that hatched!

I’m not sure the timing is good. I’d like to say its perfect timing because we are down to only two ducks in the yard now. We wintered five without a problem. Then lost one out of the blue. Henrietta was sitting on her nest in the barn, she must have left to eat and never returned and a day later one of our males was gone. Lucky is still sitting on her nest and I hope she doesn’t stray too far. I’d really like to see her and her ducklings make it. Our last male has been sticking pretty close, mostly because Lucky doesn’t go too far and the ducks always traveled together. I think it’s time to do some fox hunting before the new batch is allowed out.


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