Goat Yoga and Cow Coffee

I’ve been seeing articles about a new fitness craze- Yoga with Goats. At first I thought it was a joke, then I realized they weren’t kidding and decided it must be a “city folk” thing. Have you ever had goats or spent any time around them? I have goats. Friendly goats. If you would like to come do your morning yoga routine with them I will gladly open the gate for you.

Seriously, goats?! The nibble on anything and everything. The sun is just coming up and making the dew sparkle on the grass, the birds are starting to sing and you roll out your yoga mat for a relaxing workout with goats. One goat is resizing your yoga mat while another is nibbling your hair and another is at your fingers looking for a treat and well, you get the picture. They are very friendly creatures. They also poop all the time. Everywhere.

Sounds like a relaxing workout to me… not really… maybe that’s why the wine option has been added.

I prefer my days to start with Coffee with Cows (#coffeewithcows). It’s not a new thing but I did just give it a name. Here’s how it works: Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and head to the barn or pasture; bathrobe, dressed for the day, doesn’t matter. For a light workout just sip your coffee. Enjoy the birds singing and farm animals greeting the day. A medium workout you could toss them some hay. (If you feed the goats while you’re out there maybe they will leave the yoga class alone for a bit.) For a little extra grab a pitch fork and wheel borrow and do a little pen cleaning. All while peacefully having your morning coffee.

Don’t believe me about the goat/yoga thing, here’s one link to get you started: http://time.com/money/4793166/goat-yoga-class-popular-price-sold-out/

Good Morning Ladies!
She’s not nearly as crabby as she looks. Sweetest one of the herd. Seriously!


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