A Year to Tend the Weeds

I feel like this should be a post talking in metaphors about how I need to take a year to “weed the garden” and simplify my life or minimalize the amount of stuff in my home. It’s a good thought and both would be beneficial, but not this time. I literally need to weed the garden.

Its official, I’m not planting a garden this year. All of my seeds will remain neatly sorted in their packets and in a zip-lock bag until next year. How depressing. A ton of vegetables, herbs and flowers and all their beautiful potential sitting quietly under my desk.

It’s been a crazy spring and most of my plans have been changed at least twice. As spring went on the planned planting spot kept getting smaller until it became non-existent. We battled weeds last year and lost. This year they are back in full force and I am finally willing to admit that between our ever growing list of big projects that need completing and the bakery orders (for which I am very thankful!), the kids, animals and household work I’m not going to be able to weed daily; which is what it would take to keep ahead of them this year.

I want to keep the chemicals out of the garden and in doing so I need to take a year to “tend the weeds” to make the garden more manageable in years to come. The same is happening with one of the wheat fields and then next year we will rotate to the other wheat field in hopes that within a few years the weeds will be at a manageable level. I know they will never be gone and that’s fine.

This year’s wheat crop is looking wonderful so far! So there’s hope for that at least! Which is great news because I’m going through flour like crazy! Let’s all just take a moment and say a prayer for a good harvest of that!


This years wheat on Memorial Day



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