By now you’ve probably heard of CSA’s, Community Supported Agriculture, in which shares of a garden’s harvest are sold before it’s planted and at the end of each week (usually) during the growing season the harvest is divided among the shareholders. Both the Farmer and the Shareholder share the risk and reward of the season. If it’s a perfect growing season and the plants produce like mad, the shareholders are blessed with plenty and if a hail storm rolls through there may be less to hold until the plants can recover. Typically these CSA’s are vegetable based and may offer weekly extra’s such as eggs or local jams or honey.

Ours is a little different.

We are a grain based CSA. We offer shares during the late winter/early spring but rather than a field of vegetables, we plant grain; wheat, oats, rye and barley for 2017. At the end of the season after fall harvest each member receives a share of the grain either as whole berries, ground for flour or milled for breakfast oats.

Our 2017 share is planned to contain:
25 lb. Spring Wheat
15 lb. Breakfast Oats
10 lb. Barley
10 lb. Winter Rye
$220-per year

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