Farm Gift Basket
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Farm Gift Basket

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Our Most Popular Gift Set!

-Sample Coffee
-Snack Size Honey Almond Granola
-2 oz Honey
-2 oz  Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
-2oz Blueberry Moscato Jelly
-Chocolate Holiday Bark
-Your choice of one of our mugs:
 -Cow - “I just freaking love cows okay?!”
 -Pig- “It’s going to be a swine day”
 -Donkey- “Good morning my noble steed”
 -Rooster- “Rise and shine mother cluckers”
 -Sheep- “Ewe are Baa-eutiful”
 -Orange Cat- “Mood of the day: Cattitude”
 -White Cat- “Feline Purr-fect!”
 -Farm Logo