The Vegetable Garden of 2014

The first sketch of the 2014 vegetable garden is done! I’m pretty pleased with the layout so far so I think this will be a keeper. I’ve got my seed order ready so if I deviate from the order I have to write a new map.

Vegetable sketch

Each square equals about 1 square foot. So this year the garden will be about 20×40. Mostly likely bigger because once the ground breaking begins I get a little carried away sometimes.

The Herb garden for this year I had all sketched up and ready to go too and then realized I missed a few… back to the drawing board.

As much as I would like to tear into the flower beds this summer too I can almost guarantee that there won’t be time. So that will be a bonus. For starters I will have to decide which, if any I want to keep. Then will be removal of old rail road ties. I will have plenty of hostas if anyone wants some. I’m not sure what else is growing around here.

Then there’s the orchard. Apparently there was a horse barn on the hill of what I plan to fence for the cow pasture. The neighbor told me the foundation is still there and if it’s the same as the dairy barn it’s built with field rock. That will be the boarder of the orchard. I will have to start some cuttings from the grape vine to move in there and then picking out fruit trees.

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