Adventures in Milking Charlotte: Day 1

Charlotte cows Milking cows

So… We don’t have the inside of the barn ready for the cows yet. It’s been a busy fall getting the outside ready and we made it just in time for Charlotte to be brought into the cow yard to calve. But now it’s time to start milking and I don’t have my “milk parlor” (it’s in quotes because its really just a space in the barn with a post I can tie her to and a feeder for some hay) ready.

She’s a great cow and so I decided to just tie her to the post in the loafing shed this morning and I’d milk her outside. 

It could have been worse but it could have been better too. This was her first ever milking and she stood okay-ish. My rope wasn’t tight so she would back up and the move forward and the swing her butt out into the shed and then back to the wall. Most of the milk ended up on the ground between splashing out of the bucket and poorly positioned spraying teats. The little bit that was able to keep I just poured in the cats dish as I left the barn. 

We spent a good portion of the day getting the “milk parlor” put together before round 2.

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