Adventures in Milking Charlotte: Day 4- Nope to the Rope

Charlotte cows Milking cows

Another beautiful morning to be in the barn. I moved the corn bin to a different room in the barn and put the extra hay behind a gate so that we could make it to the parlor without distraction. I thought I was getting the hang of her and figured today would be the day for an uneventful morning. I even shut the front door of the barn in anticipation of Bernadette coming with.

Charlotte had other plans. As soon as I tied her in her spot she would not stand nicely. She kept backing up, pulling on her tie, twisting about. It was just plain not going to work. So finally I thought “to hell with it” and unhooked her and sent her back outside. Then I realized that I had way too much to do that day and would be able to come out and try again in an hour. 

I followed her outside and tossed her hay by the barn. There she stood. Still. Not minding anything around her. 

”Okay lady. Let’s give this a go.” 

There we were outside in the cow yard. The roosters were crowing. There was frost on the grass in the shade and the pasture glistened with dew. It really was a beautiful morning and I was beyond thankful. Once again I said my daily morning prayers with the cows. 

Charlotte just stood and a gallon later. I was on my way. 

I’m still speechless at the whole thing really. It was a picture perfect morning and I was milking my cow without a rope to hold her. 


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