Adventures in Milking Charlotte: Day 3 -Calf Share

Charlotte cows Milking cows

Yesterday was good. I though for sure today would be a bit better. Ya’ know, each day gets a little better with practice. Instead of walking Charlotte through the yard I walked her through the cow pen in the barn and to our parlor. She, of course, stopped short for a bit and tried to eat hay from the bales instead of her feeder but we eventually made it. I tied her up as the day before and started millking.

As soon as I started Bernadette came bolting through the barn and out the front door. After that Charlotte was a bit on edge.  She didn’t stand as nicely but we kept going. Bernie would frolic back and forth. Eventually she stopped by for a snack. 

She was enjoying the front two udders and I was milking the back two. It was a joint effort in milking this morning. Ha! 

Once we were finished getting Charlotte back out of the barn was a bit of a challenge. She stopped by the hay again and then found the corn bin under the stairs. 

I push and pulled her and there was no budging her out of that bin. Finally, I was able to wedge my winter utility sled between her and the corn and after some persuasion I was able to get her out. 


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