Why Not?! We're Already Late


“Oh no you didn’t big mama!”

We were already late, like later than the usual late, and there she stood staring at me as I was flying down the driveway. I hit the brakes and slid a bit on the ice, then put ‘er in reverse and was up to the barn in seconds.

The kids were curious about what was going on but not too excited. They’re used to ma’ skidding to the barn anymore.

Lucy doesn’t have a set due date but by the looks of it it was to be soon. She usually looks ready for a good month or so.

This morning however she looked thin. Of course she did, we were late! Really this would have been as good of time as any to be extra late. It’s only a few calls- school, daycare work, to let everyone know we’re tending a midwinter calf and will be messing with everyone’s schedules.

I jumped out of the van and up to the fence. There was no calf on the ground that I could see. Her belly was sitting low though.

This time she was just posing for a selfie I s’pose- you know that pose that makes the girls look a hundred pounds lighter. She had it perfected this morning; stopped me in my tracks.

Calf watch is on now. There’s a full moon on the 21st. She’s getting close.

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