He Ran Like I Left Open the Gate


I didn’t even say it out loud, I just thought it! “It’s been a rather uneventful week. What farm story do I have to share this today?”

So all week Louie has went to his overnight pen without too much work. I was able to finally do it myself so Mike didn’t have to come out to the barn each night to help me put the calf to bed.

As I had every other night I went out to the barn to do evening chores. Mike was working late but I didn’t think too much about it. I opened Louies gate and gave the girls a little bit of corn to keep them from wondering out. Then I opened the main gate to walk Louie out. Just like every other night.

Well, out walked Grace. Out wandered Caroline. Charlotte decided to follow too. Louie made a run for the door.

The opposite door.

As the girls made their way to the front yard I went to fetch Louie. With great enthusiasm he went bounding for the gate after the girls... and kept right on going.

At this point I just stood at the barn door and watched half my herd mill about the yard and wondered who to chase first.

Luckily with scoop of corn the girls will follow me almost anywhere including back to the barn. Once they were in it was time to get Louie in. 

Even though I open gates for him twice a day doesn’t mean he’s tame. Nope. He was running like someone left open the gate. Right down the driveway. The boys in the pasture saw him and decided to run with. The bull and 3 steers in tow all charging the fence line to run with the little guy. Of course that only encouraged him to go.

Four-wheeler. No, we’d end up in the next county. Instead I went back to get the barn and put Caroline on a rope and brought her out.

That’s right, I told his mom on him. And it worked. They both went back into the pen, not the pen that I needed Louie in for the night.

I tried with whole deal again. Corn. Gate. Gate. And the cows got out again. Mike got home as I was bringing Caroline back to the barn again.

”Taking your cow for a walk tonight?”   He chuckled.

”It’s not going well tonight.”

(Actually she did walk really well on the rope tonight. It’s been quite a while since the kids and I took her to get the mail.)

Long story short, Mike helped me get Louie to bed.

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