I can’t believe she kicked me!

It’s finally only -15 outside. It practically felt like spring this morning. I was looking forward to chores in the “warmer” weather. Caroline, my Sweet Caroline, apparently was not sharing the same cheery outlook as I. 

Normally I can open the gate and she meanders over to her spot. I don’t have a stanchion to milk, she just enjoys her breakfast at a different feeder while I milk, I don’t even bother tying her...like I said, normally.

She was not interested in getting up, nor was she interested in walking out of the gate and breakfast was not appetizing this morning either. I suppose she’s tired of hay every day. Whatever it was, she wasn’t having it.

After some wandering about the barn she finally stood at her feeder. I tied her this morning, just in case she went to wander again. I started washing her up and getting ready to milk. She was dancing all over the place. Certainly not interested in sharing milk this morning. I tried and tried to get her to calm down (not that she was rowdy by any means, more slow and crabby). She’d stand and I’d milk a bit then she’d back up and go forward, one side to the other. I found no signs of mastitis or any other ailment that may cause her discomfort. 

When she finally lifted her leg and kicked me right in the shoulder. To all of our surprise I held my tongue, I didn’t even swear, I didn’t call her a name. We were pretty impressed. She’s never kicked at me before, in training, in calving, never. I took the hint and my pint of milk and let her stand there and be mad for a bit. Once she stood still (still refusing breakfast) I untied her and she headed straight back to her pen.

I sent Louie in to her and she stood perfectly still for him to drink.  He drank from all four quarters and she never flinched. I would think that if she was hurting she would have danced about a bit with him too. She’s never been shy to push him away when she wants to.

I think she was just plain crabby this morning.

We all have those days.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better for both of us!

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